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Provider FAQ: Answers to Some Common Questions


If you’re thinking about becoming a Genlighten provider, you probably have a lot of questions. We’re eager to answer them. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, just email We’re always happy to help.

What qualifications do I need?
We welcome serious amateurs, transitional genealogists, and professionals to the site and the expectation for everyone is the same: if you’re offering research services through Genlighten, you need to be good at what you do!

If you decide to retrieve documents from local repositories, you need to know enough about the records that you can think outside the box if the search doesn’t go as expected. If you If you decide to offer hourly research and take on complex research projects, you need to be able to come through for your clients in a professional way.

But, we’re looking for more than research skills. We want providers who are friendly and reliable—providers who adhere to ethical standards and are truly committed to helping the clients they serve.

How much does it cost to be a provider on Genlighten?
Short answer—10% of whatever you earn through the site. There are no fees to sign up, create a store, or list research offerings. We charge a 10% commission on the fees you charge your clients.

Can I offer research through other websites if I’m a Genlighten provider?
Sure! Many of our providers have their own websites and some offer service on competing sites. Our rules are simple: 1) Don’t link to your pages on competitive sites from Genlighten. 2) If a client finds you through Genlighten, don’t refer that person to one of your other sites. 3) Don’t share an email address with Genlighten clients so they can contact you off-site.

Is it hard to learn to use the site?
The answer to that really depends on you. If you’re comfortable with the basics of using a computer — navigating websites, working with digital images, managing email — then the learning curve should be pretty quick. We’re working on tutorials that will walk you through the most common site tasks like setting up a profile page and creating a store. If you struggle to use a computer, you’ll probably have a hard time learning to use Genlighten’s project management tools. The good news is we’re very happy to offer as much guidance as you need to get comfortable using the site. Just email with your questions.

What if I find that being a provider on Genlighten isn’t for me?
No problem! We understand. One click of a button will put an offering on inactive status and if you decide you don’t want your profile visible to site users you can email us and we’ll make your account inactive immediately. No hassle. Promise.

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