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Locality Pages: What Are They All About?


Today I put a little slip of paper for every state in a bowl so I could randomly choose the next locality pages to work on. And the focus for the next day or so will be — New Jersey!

A few years back, I created a page with links to the most useful online resources for Chicago and Cook County research. It was meant for patrons at the Wilmette Illinois Family History Center but I shared the link with others and the reaction was positive. People liked it. I liked it. In fact, I still use it frequently.

That success is the inspiration for the new locality pages on Genlighten. We want to offer the genealogy community easy access to the most helpful online research tools for every state, county, and large city in the United States.

We want the pages to be …

simple. Sure, you can probably Google to find the resources we’re cataloging but we want to make it even easier than that. One click from our pages and you’ll be there.

educational. It’s hard to know what’s out there. In fact, there are probably some unique and valuable resources that you wouldn’t even think to Google. We want to make sure you can find them.

fun. Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but maybe not. We want our pages to be visually appealing and satisfying to use.

Sometimes I sit at my computer thinking, “Wow. This project is huge.” Well, it is. And ultimately, we’re likely to open it up to community members to help. But in the meantime, you can contribute by sending links my way. Let me know the best resources for research in your area. Help us build something really useful.

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