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Genlighten Update: 19 Oct 2012


This week we added Forum Discussion to the locality pages. This feature lets you ask questions and share your knowledge and expertise with other site users.

To see an example, visit the Chicago page.

Feel free to use the locality forums for things like

—Mentioning a repository or society that we should add to Genlighten’s database
—Introducing helpful research tools
—Sharing links to online databases
—Offering tips from a local researcher’s perspective
—Asking a question about resources available

If you’re looking for research help in the locality, it’s best to use a Public Research Request rather than a forum post. If you need to report site problems, just message genlighten-support.

Additional Site Updates

—Added a start date to the top of the project pages
—Began adding photos and repositories to locality pages for Ireland, England, and Scotland
—Added a way for clients to cancel public requests

New Research Offerings

Provider: alannacarroll

Obituaries from Kentucky’s Montgomery and Powell Counties

Provider: banaifeldstein

Record Scanning from the FHL

Provider: genquery

Genealogy research in Library of Congress, DAR Library, or National Archives

Onsite research in Virginia courthouses, archives, or libraries

Single document retrieval from Library of Congress, DAR Library, or National Archives

Provider: house488

Louisiana & Texas Families Research up to 5 Generations

Provider: lgs4u

Custom International Genealogy Project

NJ State Archives Record Retrieval

NY Archives Record Search

Provider: genealogiewerks

Hourly-based Research and Documentation in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Ohio

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