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What Should I Offer? Choosing Research Services


So, you’re thinking of becoming a Genlighten provider but you’re not quite sure what kind of research to offer? Here are three key questions to ask yourself:

What is my experience and expertise?

The research that you offer though Genlighten should reflect your strengths. When you accept a request from a client, you should be able to follow through efficiently, with confidence.

What repositories are nearby?

For fixed-fee record retrieval, it’s best to live or work close to the repository that holds the records. It keeps your travel costs down and allows you to provide quick turnaround.

For hourly research covering more complex research projects, you may need to draw on records that are located a distance from your home. Take your time and travel into consideration before you craft those kinds of offerings.

What value can I add?

Clients are more likely to engage your research services if you offer something that saves them time, money, and/or frustration. Ask yourself questions like these: Can I get copies from a probate file quicker than someone can get the same copies by mail? Can I save my clients money by getting a record in person? Can I produce a better quality image than a researcher would get from another source? Do I have a better chance of finding what my client needs because of the experience that I have in handling this kind of search? If your answer yes to questions like these, then you can add value.

Once you’ve chosen research services to offer, it’s time to create a page for your Genlighten store. Check out our blog post Your Store 101: Tips for Getting Started for ideas and send me a message if you have questions. I’m always happy to help.

Genlighten Co-founder

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