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Your Store 101: Tips for Getting Started


Example Store Page

Creating a store page on Genlighten is pretty simple—summarize your research policies in the fill-in-the-blank template, add a title or tagline, upload a banner image, post a welcome note and/or announcement and, finally, create the research offerings that will appear on the page.

Sure, potential clients can use the “Submit Research Proposal” button on your provider profile page to ask for a project quote but there are some advantages to setting up a store page, too.

Your banner image can serve as a unique and inviting way to help people remember your page. If you’re computer savvy, you can easily create it using Photoshop or another image program. The banner should be 750 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

You can find a tutorial titled How to Create a Genlighten Store Banner using Picasa on our SpeakerDeck page, but we’d also be happy to help you. Just email your image (at least 750 pixels wide) to and tell us if you’d like any wording added.

Publishing your research policies helps potential clients feel comfortable ordering. Sometimes clients are hesitant to ask for research help because they’re not sure how the process works and they’re uncertain what they will get for their money. You can help alleviate those fears by spelling out your research policies in a clear and friendly way.

The announcement box gives you a way to communicate with people who visit your store. You can use it to welcome clients to your page and invite them to message you if they have questions. You can also use it to share upcoming research days or a vacation schedule.

Research offerings can set limits, educate, and help people feel confident submitting requests to you.They can also help potential clients find you.

  • Listing an offering with a year range let’s clients know that you are unable to retrieve records before and after those dates. It saves you from having to reply to requests outside those limits explaining why you can’t help.
  • Listing unique record offerings lets potential clients know about resources they might not otherwise think to consult. If you have access to valuable, but little-known, record sources, creating offerings for them has the potential to increase the number of research requests you get.
  • Listing specific offerings can help clients feel comfortable submitting requests. People are more likely to ask for research help when they know what to expect—the specific services you offer and how much you charge to perform them.
  • Offering titles appear in Google search results (although it might take some time for them to begin appearing) and offering titles and text are searchable on the site. If you include important keywords, it increases the chances that potential clients will find you.

When you’re ready to set up your store, go to your provider dashboard and scroll down. The links for “Store Setup” and “Offerings” are found at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar. And, if you have any questions, feel free to email I’m always happy to help.

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