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How should I handle an unsatisfied client?

Professionally, with courtesy and understanding.

Send a polite message to try to determine why your client is unhappy. Look back through messages you’ve exchanged and review your quote and your final report. Then consider the issue from your client’s perspective. Was there miscommunication? Was there a misunderstanding? Is there something that you could do to fix the problem in a way that would be fair to both you and your client? If so, we’d encourage you to do that.

But what if a client just can’t be appeased? Unfortunately, it happens. If you have done your best to complete the research as promised and made a good-faith effort to bring the project to an agreeable close, then you have have met our provider expectations and we salute you.

If a dispute arises, you are welcome to contact for help. Although it is ultimately up to you and your client to work things out, we are happy to assist in any way that we can.