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How can I manage my provider account?

If you’ve signed up to use the site as a provider, you’ll be taken to “My Provider Dashboard” when you log into the site. The links found on the left-hand navigation bar are the key to managing your account.

Settings:Please give us your name, address, and the email address associated with your PayPal account. The information you provide here will be accessible to Genlighten website administrators but it won’t be shared with anyone else.You address will be geocoded and used to show you local repositories to add to your profile page.

Storing your PayPal email address will allow you to easily transfer your earnings to a personal PayPal account and from there you can transfer your money to a bank account, if you wish. The transfer can be made with a single click of a button and we pay the associated transaction fees.

Some potential providers ask if it’s necessary to have a PayPal account in order to provide services on Genlighten. At the moment, the answer is yes. As the site grows, we may explore other ways to pay providers.

Profile: Your profile page allows you to introduce yourself to potential clients and it is one of the keys to successfully offering research through Genlighten. Click on the “Edit Profile” link to begin creating the page.

Begin by uploading a photo or image to represent yourself on the site. You can use a formal head shot or an informal photo of yourself. You can even use an ancestor photo, a nature photo, a map, or a drawing. Just don’t use copyrighted images unless you own the rights. Square images 100 × 100 pixels or larger work best. If you need help sizing and/or cropping a photo, we’d be happy to help.

The tagline will appear in italics below your profile photo and your location. Use it to tell your clients, in a nutshell, the kind of service you offer. For example, “Next-day document retrieval in the San Diego area.”

Email preferences let you decide which of the optional emails you’d like to receive from Genlighten. With the exception of the “Email me when I receive a new message in my Genlighten inbox” option (we think that one is very important), they are turned off by default. If you want to receive notifications for favorite store or locality activity or subscribe to our newsletter, the daily summary of public requests, or occasional articles with tips for provider success, you’ll have to select those options.

Feedback: This link takes you to an informational page that shows you the feedback you’ve received from clients.

Get Paid: Clicking this link will show you your provider account balance. There are three numbers: your total earnings, the amount currently held in escrow, and the amount ready to pay out.

Fund are held in escrow for seven days so that if a client/provider dispute arises it can be resolved before payment is made. If you’re a seasoned Genlighten provider with excellent feedback, we’d be happy to shorten your escrow period.

Transferring your money to your PayPal account is easy and immediate. Just make sure the email address is correct and click on “Payout.” Once the funds are in your PayPal account, you can log into their site and transfer them to your bank account. They don’t charge for that transaction but it can take a few days for it to be completed, depending on your bank’s policies.

If you click on “Payout” but don’t have a PayPal account, you’ll receive an email from PayPal telling you how to register so that you can claim the funds. If you don’t claim them within a few weeks, the funds will be returned to our account. If that happens, please contact us immediately so we can make sure that you are paid.