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How can I get more requests?

The answer here obviously depends on the type of research you offer and the overall popularity of the records you can retrieve. But we can offer a few general suggestions:

  • Take a look at similar research offered by other providers. Compare their title, description, and pricing to yours and see if there are obvious improvements you can make to your listings.
  • Have a friend review your listing text for hard-to-catch typos or grammatical errors.
  • Take genealogy courses to improve your skills and mention them in your provider profile. Or join a genealogical organization such as the APG or NGS and list those memberships.
  • If you author a blog or are active on social media websites, consider linking directly to the description pages for the lookups you offer. This may help the ranking your pages receive in online searches by potential clients.

Look for additional suggestions on this topic in our blog and in the Genlighten newsletter.