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How can I be sure a first-time provider is reliable?

We work hard to recruit well-qualified providers: people who understand that their ability to earn income through our site will be determined by the reputation they earn for timely, friendly, reliable service. As a quality-control measure, Genlighten staff will occasionally act in a mystery shopper role and order lookups from our newest providers in order to assess their responsiveness and accuracy.

But the truth is that it’s not practical for us to thoroughly pre-screen every provider. As a result, you can’t be sure how our providers will perform until you’ve experienced their service for yourself.

Requesting research from a new provider with no previous feedback represents a risk. You can minimize this risk by limiting your initial purchase to a single, well-defined, moderately-priced request. Use the messaging system to work out the specifics of the project before you authorize the provider to proceed. You can also look on the provider’s profile to see if they’re a member of the Association for Professional Genealogists (APG) or a genealogical accreditation body such as the Board for Certification of Genealogy Professionals (BCG). Members of these organizations have committed to subscribe to a professional code of ethics and have had their performance reviewed by leaders in the field.

If you aren’t satisfied with the provider’s performance, and can’t resolve your concern with them directly, you can contact us at and we’ll work to find a solution for you.