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Why do you need my email address?

Communication is one key to having a successful Genlighten experience.

We use your e-mail address to:

  • send you a receipt when you order research
  • notify you of research requests received from clients (if you’re a provider)
  • update you on the progress of your research request
  • contact you to resolve any issues that arise in processing your payment
  • inform you of any significant changes to our terms of use or privacy policy that may affect your account

In addition, you may set your email notification preferences to receive

  • notification of new messages in your Genlighten inbox
  • notification that your favorite Genlighten stores has a new offering
  • notification that one of your favorite localities has a new provider

and you can subscribe to

  • Genlighten’s monthly newsletter
  • occasional articles with ideas for provider success
  • a daily summary of new public requests from potential clients

To set your preferences, go to your dashboard and click on the red “Email Preferences” link found under “Your Account.”

We’re not interested in spamming you and we won’t share your address.