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How should I determine a provider rating?

It’s hard to give hard and fast criteria to guide you in this regard, but here are some suggestions:

  • Focus on the timeliness of the provider’s responses, the clarity of their communications with you, the quality of their report, and their extra-mile efforts to get you the record you requested.
  • Specific comments are very helpful to potential clients. Focus on the facts. “Provided suggestions for further research” is more useful than “Very helpful!”
  • Remember that you’re rating the provider’s performance and not the outcome of the search. If the provider returns a detailed report documenting a negative search result chances are good that you would have faced the same result had you performed the search yourself.
  • Also remember that you’re rating your experience with the provider not your experience with the website. If you had trouble using Genlighten, tell us! But, please don’t give a provider negative feedback because of it.
  • Remember that providers have no control over the original document quality or the information it contains but they should provide best-possible images. If the writing is light, did they try to darken the contrast? If they used a digital camera are the images in focus? Are the images large and readable?
  • Another consideration that should enter into your rating decision is the basic value you’re receiving. If two providers offer essentially equal service, but one charges more, you might reasonably decide to hold the higher-priced service to a higher standard.
  • Ultimately, the rating you submit and the feedback you provide is of tremendous importance to our providers, our clients, and to us at Genlighten. We rely on your feedback to help our best providers be rewarded for their efforts with additional business. Genlighten will be a more valuable service as a result of the thought and care you put into the rating/feedback process.