10 Hour Research Project + Mini Family History book

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This project includes 10 hours of professional genealogy research which will consist of:

• A research calendar detailing each source studied,
• Copies of original records, abstracts or transcripts,
• A summary of the results of the research session,
• Suggestions for future research,
• Ancestor Report, Family group sheets,and pedigree charts as needed.

Upon completion of the research project, I will create a preview of a 20 page, printed and bound book to showcase your research project. Upon your review and approval of the preview, I will then submit the order of your book. Please allow at least 30 days for processing, printing, and shipping of your Family History Book once the order is placed.

$275.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


United States


Ordering instructions from jessicamcmanus66

Before I am able to begin, I will need the basic information for you, your parents, and your grandparents. I must be able to provide me with general birth and death dates and locations to get me back to at least 1940-1930. This does not need to be exact, Estimates are fine. I mainly need a general idea of the time and location.

If you are able to provide photos of your family members, I can include them in the Family History Book to make the book more personal. I can also add any personal family stories or memories into your family tree as well to create a unique family history for you.

Disclaimer: This type of project is NOT suited for those who are looking to discover their biological parents in cases of adoption. Adoption cases are very difficult and involve the court system. Jessica’s Genealogy Research Service does not accept adoption cases where the adoption records have not been released to the client and the birth parents names are not already known.

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