20 hours professional family tree research + private online family tree



This offer includes 20 hours of professionally done family tree research on all four lines. Included in this offer will be a private online family tree where you can watch and participate in the creation of your family history. You will be able to add photos, comments stories, etc. during the process. Your tree will be set to private so that your information is protected. You can request that I include other family members access to the online tree, all I will need is an email address for them.

Once the project is complete, I will send a written set of reports via email that summarizes the information found. All work will be fully referenced and those references will be included in the reports as well as the online tree. Once completed, the online tree will remain in place indefinitely for you to continue to use and enjoy.

$300.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


United States


Ordering instructions from jessicamcmanus66

I will need basic birth and death dates and locations for you, your parents, and grandparents. I must be able to get to about 1940 in order to begin the research process. This information does not have to be exact, but I do need a general idea of dates and locations to begin researching.

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