Birth Certificates, Minnesota, 1900-1934



I can obtain copies of Minnesota birth certificates listed in the MN Birth Certificate Index ( at the Minnesota History Center. I may also be able to find certificates not listed in the index. (The index may not show a certificate, even though it exists, due to a transcription error, a misspelling, or other reason.)

Birth certificates before 1907 are generally birth cards, and don’t include much of the information that later certificates do. Moreover, not all of them have necessarily been indexed and added to MHS’s microfilms.

Since I usually go to the History Center on Saturdays, turnaround time may be up to one week.

If I’m unable to find the certificate based on the information you provide—which rarely happens—I will let you know how and what I searched and there will be no charge.

$10.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Saint Paul, Minnesota


Minnesota History Center

Ordering instructions from hoffm610

If the record IS listed in the Birth Certificate Index, please include the decedent’s name and the full certificate number (CERTID).

If the record IS NOT listed in the index, keep in mind that first names are not always listed on these birth certificates and the first name may be blank, may be listed as “Baby” or “Babe,” or something similar, so try searching using those names as well. If the record’s still not showing up in the index but you think it should, I will need the decedent’s full name, the date of birth (either exact or within one year), and the county or city in which they were born. Try to include the parents’ names or the mother’s maiden name, if available, to confirm it is who you are looking for. Note: I will not be held responsible if the certificate number you provide is for an unrelated person with a similar name, so please make sure the information you give me is for the correct person.

If you need records for more than one person, include the information in your request and select the number of records needed from the drop-down below.

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