British and German Deserters, Dishrges and prisoners of war who may have remained in Canada and the United Staes, 1774-1783 / Deserters and disbanded soldiers from British, German and Loyalist Military units in the South, 1782



Names presented have been taken from the huge collection of muster rolls in the British Record Office, archival group War office12, for the period beginning about 1774 to 1783. The id of enemy soldiers who remained in the United States (and Canada) after the Revolution. Groups of soldiers ofter deserted together. Finding a name of interest should cause one to look through the regimental list in which found to determine whether other soldiers of the same regiment deserted at the same time. If so, it is likely to find them in later American civil records (census, land records, etc.) living near each other. Surnames are listed in the back of the book with index numbers next to each.

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