Bucks Co., PA Court Abstracts (1 name)

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I will search publications at the Library of Congress which provide abstracts of wills, intestate estate administrations, deeds, guardianship and other legal documents of the Orphans Court and Recorder of Deeds. (Please note these are abstracts of one or two paragraphs, not full probate files.) Such information may give complete family names not found in censuses before 1850 or the lost 1890 census. May show names of spouses of married daughters. Establish death dates. Identify places of residence within the county. Name adjoining landholders.

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Washington, DC, United States

Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States


Ordering instructions from familymatters2u

- Provide the name of one person who may have have had involvement with such a legal transaction.
- Give an approximate date when the action took place.
- Supply what you know about where he or she lived in Bucks Co.
- Give birth and death dates, including best estimates.
- Name other members of the immediate family (parents, siblings, spouse, children) that are known.
- Suggest likely alternative spellings of the surname.

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