Chicago Daily Law Bulletin search for petitions to adopt for Cook County, IL only



While most states seal the actual court adoption records, the petitions before the court to adopt are open to search. In Cook County, IL the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin publishes cases before the various courts of the state, including adoption petitions. The petitions name the people filing to adopt and almost always the child’s name at birth as well (except if the child was a true foundling) up until 1963 when all children up for adoption were referred to Baby Boy Doe/Baby Girl Roe.

The price includes the following: one day of travel to a specific law library to search the archives for the record of the petition to adopt and up to 5 hours of research time. A copy of the petition will be sent to you via Genlighten.

If you have the exact year of the adoption and the birthday, it should only take one day of searching. Without that information it may require more than one trip and if you wish me to keep searching there will be a surcharge of $25.00/day (to cover the extra commuting expenses) for any additional days needed.

$100.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Cook County, Illinois

Cook County, Illinois


Ordering instructions from barbpete

I need the following information to successfully search the archives:

1) The name of the petitioners to adopt.
2) The year that the child was adopted. If this is not known, then I need the birthdate of the child to start the search.

Any additional information, e.g. census data showing the child in the adopted household

It is a plus if you happen to have the case/certificate of adoption number!

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