City Directory Search in the Library of Michigan City Directory Collection



The Library of Michigan has a very large collection of city directories for the state of Michigan, both on microfilm and in book form. City directories are extremely useful to genealogists, as they are often published much more often than the US census records, and in many cases can be used as a substitute for the missing 1890 census.

After I verify that the Library of Michigan has one or more city directories in its collection for the location and date you provide (no charge for verification), I will search up to three city directories for the person or family of interest. I will provide a digital copy via email of the page that the person or family of interest is found on.

$15.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Michigan, United States

Michigan, United States


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Please provide me with the full name of the person of interest, the date(s) you would like for me to search and the location where the person lived. The look-up fee includes searches in up to three different city directories, or three names in one city directory. I can provide discounts for multiple families, multiple locations or mulitple years’ search.

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