Colorado Springs, CO, Obituaries



I will visit Colorado Springs public library (Penrose Library) and check the various indexes to the Colorado Springs Gazette (Telegraph) newspaper. If an entry is found, I will pull the microfilm and photocopy the obit. I will then scan the obit and send it to you. If an entry isn’t found in the index, but you have a death date or we can find one, I will read the paper for a reasonable time period after the death to look for the obit. I will visit the library within a week of your request.

$5.00 fixed

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El Paso, Colorado, United States

El Paso, Colorado, United States


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The Gazette has been indexed for 1871 to present. There’s a short gap in the 1960s-70s, and some of the other decades haven’t been carefully indexed. If you don’t have a date of death, please provide the suspected range. County cemetery indexes can also suggest a date of death. Some of the obituary and death register indexes have been placed online at, then click on Special Collections, then Pikes Peak NewsFinder. More obit entries are being added to the online index all the time. Recent (1990s-present) obits are more likely to be indexed online.

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