Columbus County North Carolina Probate Records



I will visit the Columbus County Court Archives and check the Deceased Probate Index when you provide a name and a death date.

If I find a match I will make color scans of the documents in the file. I will then upload them in JPG format to the Genlighten website so that you can view and/or download them.
If I don’t find a match in the index, I will tell you which index I searched and share any notes I made while viewing it.
There’s no way to tell what will be in the file until I look at it but probate files often include a document called “Proof of Heirship” which names heirs. They may also include a will and copies of claims against the estate. Sometimes the claims include medical or funeral bills.
Turnaround time for this look-up is approximately 1 week because I have to schedule the file, and then return to make the copies when file is available.
: Please note: If a file contains more than 40 pages, I may ask for a small additional fee to cover the time I spend scanning.

$25.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Columbus, North Carolina, United States


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