Custom Research Windham County, CT



Formulate custom research plan to obtain desired results. Includes on site research. Fees include all travel and expenses (except fees for certified copies of birth/marriage/death certificates if required.) The price quoted is for hourly custom research. Average turnaround time is two weeks.

Disclaimer: My fees are for conducting research and do not guaranty the desired result. Example: If you tell me your ancestor was born in a certain town and I drive an hour to get there and spend another two hours in a stuffy vault only to find there is absolutely no record of your ancestor ever having been born or lived there, I still need to be compensated for my time. The fee will be credited towards additional research.

$40.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Massachusetts, United States

Windham, Connecticut, United States


Ordering instructions from dmcti01

Enter all know information and prior research to include names (including middle name/initial,) best known dates, locations, etc.
I will decline taking requests that are outside my geographic research areas or that are outside my area of expertise.

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