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The State Library of NC has an extensive collection of NC newspapers, http://cinch.nclive.org/newspaper/

Newspapers in the 1700s through the mid 1900s (and later) were not organized as we are used to today. No sections for death notices, “few” headlines, “few” separation of articles, little organization, etc

This means that if you have a date for a marriage, death, court suit or some other event that you want researched, one needs to exhaustively glance through the newspaper for such news since it could be “anywhere” and may just be a sentence in length.

Also, all communities did NOT publish their own newspapers. Based on “where” the person of interest (or court activity, crime) took place, the most appropriate “nearby” newspaper needs to be identified. Sometimes “more” than one newspaper needs to examined — based on location, the news published, was it the newspaper of record for the court or the newspaper where news of that community was published, frequency (daily vs weekly), etc there might be “options” for where the news was published.

Additionally, African-American news was often not published in so-called “white” newspapers and was limited to dedicated African-American newspapers; only a few of these were published in late 19th and early 20th century NC.

Part-hour research is possible; minimum of 1/2 hour.

$37.50 fixed

Full payment upfront


North Carolina, United States


State Library of North Carolina

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Provide the details for the event(s), the individuals (where they normally lived — community if possible and definitely county) and anything else that might facilitate the search.

Know that I will first identify appropriate newspapers and availability before commencing such research.

Recognize that it takes “time” to request newspapers!

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