Forgotten Cemetaries of Johnson County, Illinois



Cemeteries in Johnson county- by cemetery; names and dates taken from headstones/markers are recorded and listed. Also the coordinates of the cemetery being looked at. Cemetery listed are; Concord, Kerley, Craig, Coleman or Reed, Frances 1&2, Howard, Carson, Clymore, Gibson, Gurley, Allen, Lannon or Mosley, Morgan, Peterson, Rentfro, Calhoon, Choate, Thomas 1 & 2, Bush, Stanton, Shiloh, Stewart, Double Bridges, Cedar Creek, Morray, Albright, Hoil, Lingle, Pool, Jenlins, Sutliff, Central, Hobbs, Reed, Simmmons, Scoggins, Toler 1 & 2, Davisson, Utley, Wymore, File, Poor Farm. Surnames for all cemeteries are listed in the back alphabetically but in order under each cemetery name.

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