Half-day Research at NEHGS



I will conduct up to four hours of onsite research at the NEHGS in Boston, searching resources related to your research problem in relevant microfilms, books, journals and manuscripts.

This is a good opportunity to extend your results beyond what you have been able to accomplish on your own via online research.

You can specify what resources you want searched yourself. Or you can describe your research problem to me, and what information you’ve already have, and I will develop and execute a search plan.

The NEHGS’s online catalog is here: http://library.nehgs.org/

Deliverable is a PDF report describing what was searched and what was found, including images of relevant results.

Turnaround is generally two weeks, but I’ll let you know if it is otherwise.

$260.00 fixed

Full payment upfront



New England Historic Genealogical Society Library

Ordering instructions from robweir

The more background you can give me on your research problem the better. Tell me, what do you already know (and how do you know it)? What have you searched for and not found?

In most cases, I’ll have followup questions. If you can respond quickly in those cases you’ll be helping me bring you the most value from my time at the NEHGS.

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