Hamilton Area, Ontario Headstone/Grave Photos



Headstones can be very helpful in your family research. Sometimes they give the Place of Birth, Parents, Maiden names, also, other family members may be listed on the same stone. It is very important as well as meaningful to have an image of your ancestor’s headstone, it ensures that the information will never age or be damaged. It’s so sad to know your ancestor is buried somewhere & not be able to find or read their stone because it has been too weathered or even lost. You can request a photo of any Cemetery in the Hamilton area, Ontario, Canada (nearby cities are also acceptable). You will receive 2 or more photos, one will show the whole stone & the others will be close ups so you can read them. Also, (if they are readable) I will transcribe what is written.

$15.00 fixed

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1. Surname & Any Variations of the spelling that you know of (Include Maiden Names if known)
2. Given & Middle Names (if known)
3. Cemetery
4. Death Date or Year range
5. Place of Death or Areas in which they lived

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