Heritage Photography: Ohio



What is Heritage Photography? Simple: Preserving and presenting your family history through photographs.

Do you have family history in Ohio? I can provide photographs of the locations important to your family. Imagine having photos of the family homestead today, or collecting photos of the churches, schools, and town squares significant to your ancestors. These all add a richness to your family history story.

Photos (raw and edited versions) will be supplied to the client on a cdrom.

Travel expenses ($0.55 per mile plus parking expenses) are required for trips outside a 30-mile radius from Hilliard, Franklin, Ohio.

Heritage Photography projects are billed in half-hour increments with a minimum charge of one hour.

$30.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Ohio, United States

Franklin, Ohio, United States

Delaware, Ohio, United States

Fairfield, Ohio, United States

Fayette, Ohio, United States

Licking, Ohio, United States

Madison, Ohio, United States

Pickaway, Ohio, United States

Ross, Ohio, United States


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The more information you provide the more efficiently I will be able to proceed with your project. Addresses, specific details of photos, and any helpful information known should be supplied for each location.

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