Hourly based Research and Documentation



Research: Birth/baptism, death, church burial, marriage, naturalization, cemetery interment, city directory, U.S. Census, passenger list, news articles, index listings, death notices, wills/probate, land records, etc. and original record and certificate copies. Can do tombstone searches at local cemeteries, searches for living distant cousins.

Documentation: Documents with source citations and reports provided in digital form (primarily Acrobat PDF, but also MS Word and/or JPG formats). Can also provide documents in print form. Can establish a family tree database and produce genealogy reports and wall charts. Able to obtain translations of German to English.

Facilitation: Assist in defining job or project goals and expectations into manageable steps. This permits work and billing in increments. Can provide tutoring, training and tips, including use of software, to empower your own continuing ancestral quest.

$25.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Hamilton, Ohio, United States

Kenton, Kentucky, United States

Campbell, Kentucky, United States


Cincinnati And Hamilton County Public Library

Kenton County Public Library

Hamilton County OH Courthouse

Cincinnati History Library and Archives

University of Cincinnati Libraries

Ordering instructions from genealogiewerks

Client provides overview of desired research, including defined goal(s). I respond with proposal and estimate based upon agreed hours/costs. When agree client pays retainer. I perform research, provide copies of any documents found, and report via email. Costs billed include out-of-pocket expenses, such as parking and copying fees, archival fees, in addition to hourly rate. When complete client pays via Genlighten.

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