Hourly Research



If you are interested in hourly research, please submit this request and let me know what you are seeking. Include all known information on your ancestor(s).

I will review all of your information and come up with a research plan to go further. At that point we can come to an agreement on price and a limit for hours for research to be done. I will then post a unique custom research request for you at the agreed upon price, at which time you can ‘request’ my offering and I will ‘accept’ so that
we can go forward."

$35.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Cook County, Illinois


Ordering instructions from kimstankiewicz

Please include as many details regarding your ancestor(s) that you already know so that research is not duplicated. Please indicate where the information originated (i.e. naturalization, birth certificate, etc.).

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