Idaho Federal Land Records



Between 1860 and 1934 the U. S. government kept records of all federal land transactions in Idaho. These records can contain genealogically significant information. Microfilm copies of these records are kept at the NARA Pacific Alaska Region facility in Seattle, Washington.

The records include land transactions under various laws and acts, including: donation land, homesteads, timber and stone, timber culture, desert land, mining, and some cash sales. The records also include tract books (township, range, section, and fraction of section) with lists of owners.

There are records of homestead entries and final certificates, desert land declarations and entries, timber culture entries, abstracts of land sold, and patents delivered.

The records here do not include the land entry case files. Those records are available from the National Archives, in Washington, D. C. Record copies of donation land patents issued are kept by the Bureau of Land Management, and are not included here.

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Idaho, United States


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A number of the records itemized in NARA’s publication M1620, “Federal Land Records for Idaho, 1860-1934,” have been damaged. A PDF version is available from the NARA website. Please review that publication before you request a look up. Some records in this group may not exist due to destruction or they may simply be missing. I will make all reasonable efforts to retrieve what I can from those records that are here.

These records are arranged chronologically and grouped by type of entry, as listed above. Please provide the homesteader’s name(s), the dates, and the office (or area) where they settled. Please be as specific about the area where the person settled and where they filed their papers as a wholesale state-wide records search is infeasible. I will consider a state-wide search at an hourly rate negotiated separately from this offer.

A minimum turn-around for this offer is two to three working days.

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