Illinois Adoption Lookup for Cook County, Chicago, Illinois

Petition example 1963


For biological families and adoptees whose original birth certificate is redacted, born 1933- 1963, this is an especially helpful resource. This is a little known method of obtaining information for adoptees and birth families. Most Cook County adoptions had a ‘petition to adopt’ notice published in a newspaper. Finding the right petition allows birth families to learn the name of the adoptive family of the now adult child, and allows adoptees to learn the name given them at birth—their birth mother’s surname at that time. For those adoptees who have received their original birth certificate from the state but the names of the birth parents are blacked out, this is probably the only way to obtain information about their identities.

Many years of work went into compiling the petitions into a unique database that can be accessed quickly.

You will receive an INSTANT look-up with an image of the actual ‘petition to adopt’ sent to you. If not found, no charge.

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Cook County, Illinois


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Birth family members: Send the name given the child at birth on their original birth certificate if known, the child’s gender, and the birth date (can be approximate or even a range of years). If birth name is uncertain, send the surname of the birth mother at the time of the birth.

Adoptees: Send the names of your adoptive parents, your birth date, your gender, and the year you were adopted, if known.

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