ILLINOIS BIRTH CERTIFICATES issued 1916 through mid-late 1930's



My resource, Illinois Dept of Public Health, has separate forms (and separate applicant criteria) for those wanting to obtain IL birth certificates.

My offer is ONLY for Birth Certificates issued in Illinois AFTER Dec 31, 1915 – but BEFORE (today’s date), 75 years ago (approx 1938).

IF the birth certificate is for person who might still be alive – the birth certificate might not include parental information; it might just be a transcribed & computer-printed birth “verification”, as to date, name & city/county of record.

IF the birth certificate is for a person who is now deceased – AND you can provide me (by email, through Genlighten messaging) – - SOME “proof of death” * THEN I can obtain a complete (true) genealogical copy of the original Illinois birth certificate.

  • “proof of death” – IL Dept of Public Health accepts the following “proofs”:
    – death certificate (emailed/messaged copy ok);
    – obituary (scan OR copied/pasted from online resources);
    – citations/printouts;
    – – nationwide gravesite locator – citations/printouts.

$28.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Illinois, United States


Illinois Department of Public Health

Ordering instructions from mollykennedy

If you’ve ever tried to order an Illinois-issued 1916-1938 birth certificate – paying VitalChek’s $40+ fee – -OR waited for weeks for IDPH snail-mailed results – - then received the WRONG document. What did you do?

When I submit – in person, face-to-face – to IDPH Vital Records office – WITH the right backup documentation – - they know that I will be returning, in person, face-to-face, to pick up the requested documents, within 2 days (and every business day thereafter). IF the documents don’t match up with your info – – - I immediately resubmit for additional searches (rinse & repeat). My record is 11 re-submissions for same document – after which she was finally found!.

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