Illinois Obituary Research



I have Monday – Friday access to over 5,000 Illinois-published newspapers, spanning over 100,000 microfilm rolls, through the holdings of the A. Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.

If death date AND locale (both death locale and residential locale) is known, I will search the appropriate local-area newspaper for obituaries, death/funeral notices, for 7 days following the death date (7 days for daily issues; 4 weeks for weekly issues).

Publication citation will include city, name of publication, day/date of issue, plus section/page/column numbers. My fee is for each newspaper to be searched, and includes parking fees.

$7.75 fixed

Full payment upfront


Illinois, United States

Cook County, Illinois


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Ordering instructions from mollykennedy

Please provide name of deceased; date & locale of death, and where he/she resided before death. If the death was accidental, or the person of high regard in his/her community, please let me know, as the obit might be in the form of a dramatic news article, instead of a simple death/funeral notice! PLEASE advise if you have specific newspaper ideas!

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