Marriage, Probate/Estate, Court Orders, or Land Records (Deeds)



I will provide a digital copy of the requested document, whether single or multiple pages. In the Bourbon County Court Clerk’s Office, some records are stored in a secured, archive area where only the Deputy Clerks have access (that is, the records are not open to the public). If this is the case for the document you request, there will be an additional $5.00 charge to retrieve the document, as this is charged by the Clerk’s Office for the Deputy Clerk to retrieve the document from the archive area.

$15.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Bourbon, Kentucky, United States


Bourbon County Court Clerk's Office

Ordering instructions from cohen

I will require the type of document, the names of the parties of interest, date of event, specific Book and Page number references of record location, if available; otherwise, I will attempt to locate the Book and Page number of the record location by examining the available indexes, for an additional charge of $5.00. If I am unable to find the requested document, then the discounted, “Document Not Found” fee will apply, the original fee charges less $2.50.

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