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The State of Michigan conducted state-wide censuses starting before statehood in 1827 and continuing approximately every 10 years until 1904. Many of the census records have been lost or destroyed, but some still remain for varying years and counties. When available, the 1884 and 1894 Michigan State censuses are useful substitutes for the missing 1890 US federal census records. Indexes are available for most, but not all of the surviving census records. After I verify that the Library of Michigan has the census in its collection for the county and date(s) you provide (no charge for verification), I will search the census records for the family of interest for up to 30 minutes.

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Michigan, United States

Michigan, United States


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Please provide me with the full name of the person or family of interest, the county where the person or family lived and the approximate dates the family lived there.

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