Naturalization Records INDEX Prior to 1907 Indiana -All Counties- One Full Name



I have the INDEX to Naturalization Records held by the 92 Courts in Indiana prior to 1907. Some records in the index date to 1820, but most are from about the 1850’s to 1907. From this INDEX I can provide a list of names and the county that held the records for the naturalization (For example. The name William Smith would generate a list of about 19 names.) I will also attempt to determine the location of where these records may currently be located in the state of Indiana. Further checking by you may be required. In the case of a common name with multiple entries in the INDEX, I will provide the list for the found price. The results include the Name, County, Court Name, (of same names) Volume Number, Page Number and Year of the entry into that local county court record. I will provide an extract of the index for any one name your request.

  • if you would like a list of all of one surname, please see my other listing.

$20.00 fixed

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United States

Indiana, United States


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Please enter the name of one person. Please include the county they lived in (if known) and the year this information comes from. Or in the case of just a general check for records, the name is fine.

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