Online and/or Family Search Center research



Are you interested in your family history but haven’t had the time to delve into the records? Let me help you get started by providing online research of available U.S. records and/or Family Search Center (e.g. newspaper microfilms) research. My offline, local courthouse and/or historical society research is limited to a few counties in central Virginia, but online records are plentiful, and I have experience in evaluating which records are worthwhile and which ones are not. I have also had good success in locating online records even when there are transcription errors that make online searching more difficult.

For this research option, a retainer is required and is based upon how many hours the research may require, plus any anticipated expenses (mileage should I make any trips to the Family Search Center in Lynchburg or any local courthouses, copy fees, etc.). The minimum fee for this option would be one hour of research plus expenses (if any).

$15.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


United States


Ordering instructions from virginia-roots

We will agree up-front how much research you would like me to undertake. Examples might include but are not limited to: researching up to 4 generations of ancestors in the U.S.; tracing a particular family through census records up to 1940; locating obituary and/or grave information for an ancestor. Please provide full name(s) of all parties, maiden if applicable. Also provide alternate spellings of names, appropriate dates, and addresses if applicable. Turn-around time for such research will vary based upon the scope of the research and availability of records. If microfilms need to be ordered, there may be longer turn-around times as the Family Search Center I have access to is open to the public only once a week.

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