Onsite research in Virginia courthouses, archives, or libraries



A minimum of 5 hours of research is required. Blocks of 10 hours or more will include write-ups of results for free. Fewer than 10 hours of research will have an additional cost of $20/hour for write-ups. Expenses include copy, access, and parking fees. Digital copies of documents will be sent whenever possible, cost of mailing paper copies will be an additional fee. Locations of more than 50 miles distance from Culpeper, VA will incur a mileage fee of $.50 a mile over 50 miles.

$55.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Virginia, United States


Ordering instructions from genquery

A 50% retainer will be required upfront with the balance + expenses dues within 5 days of the write-ups being received by the client.

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