Philadelphia Marriage Records, 1885-1951: Transcription



I will visit Philadelphia City Hall and transcribe for you any marriage license application from 1885 to 1951 onto a blank application form similar to the official form.

$12.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Philadelphia City Hall, Register of Wills

Ordering instructions from restorebytim

Ordering marriage records from Philadelphia City Hall is a two-step process on my end.

First I must enter a request at the marriage license office. To do this, I must know the names of the bride and groom, the year of marriage, and the marriage license number. Since the Philadelphia marriage indexes from 1885 through 1951 are available for free online through, I will confirm the marriage license number for you prior to entering the request. City Hall does not store these older applications on-site, so I must then wait a week for the requested license to arrive at the office.

Second, after waiting a week, I must visit City Hall to view and transcribe the application. Photography is not allowed in the room.

Once I have transcribed the document, I will send a message to you confirming that the document exists, and that I have transcribed it. I will request payment at that time. While awaiting receipt of payment, I will begin to prepare a digital PDF of my transcription. I will send the PDF file after I receive payment. Please allow up to 48 hours after payment to receive the document.

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