Record Retrival

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Record retrival is a simple search, find, and print (download, photocopy) service for a specific person, place, and date. Retrival includes probate records, obituaries, baptismal records, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, and criminal records.

$25.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Dyer, Tennessee, United States

Obion, Tennessee, United States


Obion County TN Courthouse

Fulton County KY Courthouse

Lake County TN Courthouse

Fulton Public Library

Hickman County Memorial Library

Hickman County KY Courthouse

Weakley County TN Courthouse

Dyer County TN Courthouse

New Madrid County MO Courthouse

Gibson County TN Courthouse

Caruthersville Public Library

New Madrid County Library

Carlisle County KY Courthouse

Graves County KY Courthouse

Crockett County TN Courthouse

Graves County Public Library

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