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I will do everything in my power to help you with you’re specific request regarding information from ancestors in the Netherlands.
However In regarding the Dutch law there is a privacy matter. For instance this means that birth certificates are released after 100 years, marriage certificates after 75 years and death certificates after 50 years. So birth certificates are traceable till 1910, marriage certificates till 1925 and death certificates till 1960. But true information from death notices, news paper articles and archives there is still a lot to find. But you have to keep the above in mind by sending me your request.

$45.00 /hour + expenses

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Please be as accurate as you can be in providing the information that you know. Every bit of information helps. Be also very specific in what you want to know. So if you need a record look-up or you prefer a photograph off a house, tombstone or something else mention this.

Please note also that they way you spell your family name now isn’t necessary the name that your ancestors had when they emigrated. Many of them changed their name or where wrongfully understood when they had to spell their name upon arrival. So if you think you’re name could have been spelled differently then by all means list all your surnames.

Thank you!

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