Roman Catholic Church Parish of Ostrowo n. Gopłem (Part of Poznań, Poland)



Look up in the Roman Catholic church registery for births/baptisms, marriages and deaths for the Parish of Ostrowo n. Gopłem.

Known formerly as Germany, Preußen, Posen, Ostrowo a. Sopolo, Strelno and now part known as Poland, Bydgoszcz, Ostrowo n. Gopłem, Inowrocław

The parish includes records for the following towns: Brześć, Jerzyce, Karsk, Kaspral, Leszcze, Maryanowo, Mietlica, Orpikowo, Ostrówek, Ostrowo, Popowo, Rzeczyca, Witowce, Witowiczki, Złotowo

Birth/Baptisms: 1805 – 1919
Marriages: 1805-1929
Deaths: 1785-1790, 1794-1879, 1887-1953 (Please note that there are gaps of deaths missing, and some pages are extensively damaged between 1785-1800)

Records are in Latin

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