I will diligently search any & all available indices & records in the holdings of Sangamon County Courts Complex that are available to me.

[PLEASE NOTE: IF your research request from me – MIGHT be in violation of Federal or Illinois State information-privacy laws/identity-theft-prevention regulations; then PLEASE understand that I can search the Court’s index-books for the PROOF you want – but if documents were issued within the last 75-100 years, I MIGHT not be allowed access to anything other than the index-books. Can’t hurt to ask!]

Sangamon County Complex Departments in which I research often:

County Clerk’s office = Marriages from 1831; Births recorded after 1877; Deaths recorded after 1877.

County Circuit Clerk’s office/Archives = Probate/Heir/Guardianship case files dating from 1831 – current.

County Recorder’s office = for post-1910 Naturalization “Final Oath” case files (after 1920, these include photographs of Naturalized immigrants).

Sangamon Co Clerk’s office offers NO discount for Genealogical copies of certificates of marriages, births or deaths. Their fees begin at $25 per document.

Sangamon Co Circuit Court Archives will ONLY copy the entire case file (which often includes multiple pages of receipts to the Estate). Their fees begin at $2 for one page; $1 for each of next 19 pages; then .50 each for any pages (over 20) that are copied/printed.

This isn’t fair to genealogical researchers!

For Probate/Estate/Guardianship case files – I will go through the microfilmed files, page by page – and will ONLY print the pages that include the info you want (heirs, property, whatever).

$25.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Illinois, United States

Springfield, Illinois

Sangamon, Illinois, United States


Sangamon County Courts Complex

Ordering instructions from mollykennedy

Some Sangamon County departments charge $25-$27 for a single document (certified only – and depending on the date, may only include the "pretty piece of paper – NOT the genealogical info).

IF I have alternative resources, I will use them, on your behalf. (I’ve been on a severely-limited budget for 10 years; WHY pay exorbitant fees if same document available elsewhere, and cheaper?

All I CAN offer to you – is a speedy, on-site County Compex research & turnaround time. Usually within 1 – 2 business days after request.

My hourly fee is based on whatever time it takes me to research the index-books at Sangamon County Courts complex.

IF I FIND what you are seeking – then additional fees WILL apply.

These additional fees (with your pre-approval), will be reimbursement for copying/document fees.

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