Saskatchewan Homestead Records



I will search Saskatchewan Homestead Files at the Saskatchewan Archives Board based on the results of a search of the Homestead Index (SHIP). I will also search post-1930 Homestead Files at the Saskatchewan Archives Board. If a homestead location is found, I will provide copies of all documents in the file (up to 10 pages). If there are more than 10 pages in the file, I will provide copies of the pages containing information that is most useful to genealogical research and will extract or provide a summary of the information in the remaining pages in the file. The information in a homestead file usually includes the full name of the person, the year the person applied for the homestead and the year the patent was issued, the age of the person when they applied for patent and their post office. It may also provide information regarding where the person resided prior to taking out the homestead, their previous occupation, and their place of birth (Country and province/state – sometimes actual town is given), year/date of naturalization (if naturalized), family members (usually not named with a count of number of adults and children – male and female – under the age of 12). Sometimes ages are given but this is not the norm. The documents normally found in a homestead file are the Application for Entry, the Sworn Statement of the homesteader, the Sworn Statements of two witnesses, and the Notice of Patent. Other documents that I have seen in a homestead file but are not in all files may be Naturalization Certificates, Wills, correspondence between the homesteader and the Department of the Interior (Dominion Lands agents).
NOTE: A woman could take out a homestead if she was the head of her family and their sole support.
The fee charged is for a search of a single land location.

$25.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Saskatchewan, Canada


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If you know the actual homestead land location (legal land description) you wish to have searched, please provide that along with the name of the homesteader. If you do not know the land location then please provide as much of the following information as possible: name of the person (given name and surname; if a woman, also provide her birth name/maiden name); last known place of residence in Saskatchewan, if known; birth date (at least approximate, especially in the case of a common name) or approximate timeframe when the person may have come to Saskatchewan.

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