Search of Maryland Deed Indexes (all counties)



I will search the deed indexes for one name, and reasonable name variants, under the following conditions: (a) I will search indexes for one single county, to be specified by the Client; and (b) I will search indexes for a single 20-year period, to be specified by the Client.

Client will be provided with a list of relevant deeds, with full citations.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to courthouse fires, no deed indexes are available for St. Mary’s County prior to 1827 and Calvert County prior to 1882. There is an alternative record source for deed information for these two counties, as abstracts of deeds recorded in the county court were sent to various state courts. Unfortunately these deed abstracts were recorded sporadically, so there are large gaps in the record set. However, I will research among these deed abstracts where possible for desired information at the same rate.

$10.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Maryland, United States

Maryland, United States


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Please specify a Name, a County, and a Range of 20 years.

Additional look-ups must be purchased for any range of more than 20 years.

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