Seattle, Washington Obituary Look-ups



I will search over 100 years worth of daily Seattle newspapers for your ancestor’s obituary. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer was in business under various titles between 1888 and 2009. The Seattle Times has also been in business under various titles since 1891.

These newspapers contain news about births, marriages, and deaths in Seattle, as well as many of the surrounding communities.

This offer is to search for one obituary in one of the two listed newspapers. The search will cover two weeks worth of issues (14 published issues). When ordering, please provide the exact death date and which one of the two newspapers you would like me to search.

$14.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


King, Washington, United States


Ordering instructions from seagenes

  • Please note that since 1985, issues of the Seattle Times have been available online, and since it’s paper-based demise in 2009, the P-I is also online.
  • Please note, also, that there may be gaps in coverage over the years due to
    1. loss of the actual newspapers before microfilming became common, or
    2. some information may not be available due to changes in the newspaper’s publishing policies.

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