Spokane County, Washington Death Record Bundle

Memorial day weekend 2013 002


This death record bundle includes a certified death record from the Spokane County Health District, an obituary/death notice/funeral notice look up in local newspapers, and a photograph of the gravestone or cemetery plot (in the event no stone has been erected). The death certificate will be a hard copy, mailed. The obituary/death notice/funeral notice can either be scanned and uploaded to the project tracking page, printed and mailed, or both. The gravestone/cemetery plot photo will be uploaded to the project tracking page.

$50.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Spokane, Washington, United States

Spokane, Washington


Ordering instructions from kidmiff

Clients need to provide known information of the individual’s death date or range of years in which they believe he or she died. Clients who want hard copies mailed will need to provide with a mailing address.

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