Swedish Household Examination (Husförhör/Församlingsboken) Records



Parish priests kept church book records of all individuals living in their parish (Husförhörs). These are valuable records to any Swedish genealogy as they provide the names of all individuals living in the household, year/date of birth, and in many cases, the place of birth. If individuals died or moved out of the parish during the examination year, dates were often noted in the records.

The fixed fee option is for individuals who already know the name, parish, and county of residence. Please provide the individual’s name, date of birth, parish, and county. Dates of household examination records vary by parish. If records are not available for the time period requested, you will be informed.

$12.00 fixed

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Please provide individual’s name, parish, county, date of birth (if known), and names of parents or siblings, if known.

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