Washington State Death Certificates



These are uncertified death certificates from all counties in the state. They may include name, birth date & place, death date & place, gender, race, marital status, occupation, address, name & birthplace of father, name & birthplace of mother, informant name, cause of death, date & place of burial, and funeral home info. I photocopy these from microfilm at a nearby Family History Center. If the index entry at Family Search Record Search (see “Helpful Links” below) does not show parent names, the certificate usually will not show them either. Other information not provided in the index such as birth place, parent birth places, cause of death, and burial information usually IS included on the certificate. Please remember that I can only obtain certificates through 1951 even though the Family Search index goes all the way to 1960. Turnaround time is two weeks or less if you order one certificate, and one week or less if you order two or more on the same day. (The Family History Center is rather a long drive for me!)

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Washington, United States

Washington, United States


Ordering instructions from washgen

Please find the index entry at Family Search Record Search, and provide me with the name of the deceased, date of death, place of death, the film number, and the volume/page/certificate number OR the reference ID and image number.

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