Help, Support and FAQ: Managing the Lookups You Offer

Interested in taking a lookup you already offer for one locality and offering it somewhere else, without a lot of retyping? Heading on vacation and want to know how to "pause" your lookup so new requests don't come in while you're gone? On this page we answer some common questions about modifying the lookups you offer.

Why can't I delete a lookup for which I've received requests?

We retain records of the transactions we've processed just in case you or your clients need to refer to them later, as well as for our own internal accounting needs. Irreversibly deleting a lookup offering would significantly complicate our record-keeping process. If you don't want to offer a lookup anymore, just switch it to "vacation mode" and leave it there. The lookup won't appear in any further client searches and you will receive no further requests for the lookup.

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How does the "duplicate" feature work?

The "duplicate" feature is designed to make it easy to offer the same lookup for several different localities without having to re-enter the offering from scratch each time. Clicking on "duplicate" basically brings up a copy of the filled-out input form for the original lookup. You can then choose a different locality from the drop-down menus for state/province and county, and make any other edits (e.g. to the descriptive title, year range, detailed description, or instructions) that you need to.

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To offer the same lookup for every county in a state, do I have to duplicate it ~100 times?

Right now we don't have a smart method in place for offering a similar lookup separately in every county for an entire state. If this is a problem for you, contact us at support(at)genlighten(dot)com and we'll create a custom solution (even if it means we have to do the typing ourselves.)

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What happens when I switch a lookup to vacation mode?

A lookup offering in "vacation mode" simply stops appearing in any search results generated by the site. It's as if you temporarily deleted it but can easily restore it with a single click. We're working on a method that will allow the lookup to continue to appear in search results, but with a "vacation" designation. If this is an important feature for you, please let us know by emailing us at support(at)genlighten(dot)com.

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