Help, Support and FAQ: Tracking Lookup Requests and Receiving Documents

Interested in monitoring the provider's progress in completing your lookup? Puzzled by the status codes on the "Check Status" list? Anxious to receive your document and wondering how it will be delivered? We answer some common questions about our lookup status tracking options below.

What do the various status codes such as "Submitted" and "In Process" mean?

Here are the definitions of the status codes you'll see on the "Track Status" page:

  • Submitted: Submitted lookups are ones for which you’ve provided data and authorized payment through the site, but that the Lookup Provider has yet to formally review and accept.
  • In-Process: When the provider accepts your request, the status code displayed will change from Submitted to In-Process, which indicates that they will soon be visiting their local archive to search for your record.
  • Found: Once they have successfully obtained a copy of the record you requested, the provider will post in on the site in digital form This code indicates you can view and download your document on the status detail page.
  • Not Found: If a provider is unable to locate the document you requested, they will select this status code for your lookup and attach a note explaining the negative result. They will also upload documentation of the record they searched.
  • Cancelled: If you cancel a lookup (using the "Cancel" button on the "Lookup Status Detail" page) before the Provider has accepted it and begun work, this status code is displayed.
  • Declined: After reviewing your request, the Lookup Provider may decide that they can’t complete your lookup in a timely fashion given the data you’ve provided, or that your request falls outside the scope of the records they have access to. If so, they will decline your request and attach a note to the lookup explaining why. You can view this note on the Lookup Status Detail page by clicking on the description text. Any charge authorized to your credit card or PayPal account will be cancelled in such cases.
  • Contact Us: This status indicates that we encountered an error while processing your PayPal or credit card payment. Please contact us via phone at (302) 566-5871 between 8 am and 8 pm Central time or e-mail us at support(at)genlighten(dot)com. We won't be able to process your request further until payment is received.

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How can I filter the status list to show only my most recent requests?

You can use the filter links above and to the left of the Status List to limit which entries are visible. Click on the "Pending" filter to display just your requests with status Submitted, In Progress or Contact Us. Click on the "Completed" link to display just your Found and Not Found requests.

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How do I view the Lookup Status Detail page for a lookup on my Track Status list?

Click on the Unique Descriptive Title you gave the specific lookup request (highlighted in bold, red type) to be taken to the Lookup Status Detail page corresponding to that request.

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How can I cancel a lookup request? Will I receive a full refund if I do cancel?

You can cancel a lookup as long as the status displayed for it on the "Check Status" page is "Submitted". To cancel, simply click on the lookup title to be taken to the "Status Detail" page for the lookup in question. Then click on the "Cancel" button on the lower-left area of the page. If you cancel your request before the provider accepts it, you will not be charged anything.

Once the provider begins work on the lookup (as indicated by the status changing from "Submitted" to "In-Process") you may no longer initiate a request for a refund of the provider’s fee by clicking "Cancel". However, if you truly no longer want the lookup fulfilled, you can inform the provider by posting a note on the lookup’s "Detailed View" page. This courtesy will be greatly appreciated by our providers.

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Can I delete or edit a message I’ve posted to a lookup’s status detail page?

You can delete messages you've posted, but we haven't yet implemented the ability to edit them. To delete, just click on the stylized X to the right of the message.

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How do I print or download the document the provider has uploaded to the site?

We're working on developing a dedicated page that will let you browse the documents you've ordered over time in the style of a photo album. This page will also offer detailed viewing, printing and download options. In the meantime, to view your document, simply click on the link to the document or the thumbnail image next to the link. A new browser window will open and the document will be displayed using the default image viewer selected for your browser. You can then use the image viewer's controls to either print the image or download it to your computer. In many instances, you can also simply right-click on the image using your mouse, then select "Save Image As" in order to download the image to your hard drive.

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The document the provider uploaded isn't the one I wanted. What should I do?

Start by reviewing the data you entered and compare it with the provider's instructions. Are their any ambiguities that could have led the provider to retrieve a record that fit your data but was nonetheless not the one you expected? Next, use the "Post Note" feature to send a message to the provider and explain the discrepancy. They may be able to quickly resolve the issue. If not, they may offer to try again on a subsequent trip to the repository. If you're unable to reach a satisfactory resolution of your lookup, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do.

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What rating should I give the provider?

It's hard to give hard and fast criteria to guide you in this regard, but here are some suggestions:

  • Remember that you're rating the provider rather than the specific document or the actual search outcome. The provider has no control over the original document quality or the information it contains. If they're unable to find the document, chances are good that you would have faced the same result had you performed the search yourself. Instead, focus on how promptly the provider responded, the helpfulness of their communications with you, and their extra-mile efforts to get you the record you requested.
  • Another consideration that should enter into your rating decision is the basic value you're receiving. If two providers offer essentially equal service, but one charges more, you might reasonably decide to hold the higher-priced service to a higher standard.
  • If the provider gets you a record that fits your data, in the time-frame they said they would, and they're pleasant to work with, that's probably pretty a four- or even five-star effort. If they go above and beyond or manage to surmount unique challenges in the process, or you just really like what they do, definitely feel free to give a five-star rating.
  • Ultimately, the rating you submit and the feedback you provide is of tremendous importance to our providers, our clients, and to us at Genlighten. We rely on your feedback to help our best providers be rewarded for their efforts with additional business. Genlighten will be a more valuable service as a result of the thought and care you put into the rating/feedback process.

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How do I change the rating or feedback I gave the provider on a completed lookup?

We haven't yet implemented this feature, but plan to soon.

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